Air Compressor Servicing Gloucester

Established in 1973, Control Gear has over five decades of experience and has become one of the UK’s premier fluid power specialists.

Building on its founders’ experience with customer machine installations, Control Gear can cater to all your needs in compressed air, pneumatics, hydraulics, filtration, process values and actuators, industrial tools, dust and fume extraction, hose and fittings, and spray and product finishing.

Although we have grown significantly since its early days, we remain true to our traditions of offering bespoke services to clients. From spare parts to complete installations, we work in partnership with you, making sure our offer exactly matches your requirements.

Air Compressors in Gloucester

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Gloucester’s history and picturesque views may mean it’s better known to many as a tourist attraction, but it was also where British jet pioneer Frank Whittle worked.

Britain’s first jet aircraft, the Gloster E28/39, was built there by the Gloster Aircraft Company. Its name is allegedly a deliberate misspelling because of the difficulty international customers had with saying and spelling ‘Gloucestershire’.

The legacy can be seen today, not just in the names of local roads, but also in a thriving aerospace industry. This legacy has attracted many other businesses that support the sector, as well as other businesses seeking to take advantage of the vibrant economy and workforce in the area.

And Control Gear, of course, is there to support all those businesses.

Our engineers and services are all accredited by a range of relevant international and industry bodies, and we have also achieved the gold-standard ISO 9001, 14001 and 54001 accreditations.

We know that you depend on your equipment, so we make sure you can depend on us to keep it working as efficient as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain energy recovery in air compressors?

In air compressors, energy recovery involves harnessing and repurposing the excess heat generated during its function. This captured heat can be utilized for diverse tasks, such as warming water or rooms, leading to notable energy savings and heightened system efficiency.

At what pressure should I operate my air compressor?

The optimal pressure for your air compressor largely depends on the tools you’re using. While there’s no universally correct pressure, most compressors function between 90 to 115 psi out of the box. However, the actual operational area might only necessitate 65 to 70 psi.

What steps are taken during air compressor service?

Air compressor service can vary, depending on the systems implemented. Regular procedures consist of: An in-depth visual review, ensuring proper lubrication, renewing air dryer filters, utilising blowers and gauges, changing out the oil, undergoing thermal imaging studies, and conducting tests for vapor leaks.

Gloucester and Compressed Air

Air Compressor Servicing Gloucester

Gloucester’s connection with aviation means that it’s home to many of the businesses that most people have never heard of, but which keep us flying.

Safran Landing Systems, for example, make the systems that are relied on during the most critical moments of a flight: take-off and landing. It means their design and production processes have no margin for error and have to be as reliable as the landing gears they produce.

Meanwhile, American giant, GE Aerospace, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of jet engines for commercial and military aircraft and, like the Gloster Aircraft Company, developed their country’s first jet plane.

Gloucester is not just about aerospace, though. Another high-tech sector it supports is healthcare. Renishaw, for example, is a precision engineering company. Originally specialising in precision measurement, it now also brings its skills to bear in manufacturing devices for neurosurgical use. It’s also home to Corin Group, who manufacture replacement joints, another process which requires the highest standard of production.

What all these businesses will share is a need for compressed air and related service. Whether it’s used for tools, or to keep areas clean, Control Gear’s FGAS-certified engineers are always on-call for Gloucester’s businesses.

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Gloucester: From Roman Foundations to Aerospace Innovations with Control Gear

Gloucester, with its Roman origins, has always been a city of significance. Established under the reign of Emperor Nerva, its importance was further cemented when it was granted its inaugural charter in 1155 by Henry II. In these early days, the city’s economic backbone was built on wool and leather industries. However, by the dawn of the 19th Century, pin making had taken center stage, employing a substantial portion of the city’s populace.

As Gloucester continued to flourish, its industrial landscape diversified. The city became a hub for railway carriage production, flour milling, timber milling, and shipbuilding. Amidst this industrial tapestry, Gloucester Cathedral stands as a beacon of historical and cultural significance, further popularised by its appearances in the Harry Potter film series.

While modern Gloucester’s economy leans heavily towards the financial services sector, its industrial spirit remains undimmed. The city holds a prominent position in the Aerospace sector, a legacy that began with aircraft manufacturing in 1915.

In this multifaceted industrial landscape, Control Gear is a trusted partner, ensuring that businesses, from traditional mills to cutting-edge aerospace firms, are equipped with the best air compressors and services, reflecting Gloucester’s enduring commitment to innovation and excellence.