Air Compressor Servicing Ebbw Vale

Control Gear has been at the forefront of fluid power technology in the UK since 1973, originating from Rhondda Valley. With over fifty years of experience, we specialise in installing and maintaining energy-efficient compressed air systems essential for local industries.

We operate across every sector reliant on compressed air, from robust, round-the-clock compressors to highly refined systems suitable for food production. Control Gear offers comprehensive air compressor solutions tailored to meet diverse needs.

Our team comprises FGAS-certified engineers, and Control Gear is recognised with prestigious ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 accreditations, underscoring our commitment to delivering top-tier service. Whether you need a specific part or a complete product solution, we provide exceptional support throughout South Wales and beyond.

Compressed Air Systems in Ebbw Vale

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Ebbw Vale’s roots lay in the coal and steel industry. Indeed, steel from Ebbw Vale can be found around the world; even crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge means benefitting from a little bit of South Wales steel.

With the decline of the coal and steel industry, a number of other businesses and sectors have come to the area to take their place. The Rassau Industrial Estate is one of South Wales’ best-known business destinations.

And Control Gear has been on hand throughout those changing times. Designing and installing new compressor systems and servicing old ones, we have been the people that countless companies rely on to keep them running.

However much the area has changed, Control Gear’s commitment to offering the best quality service has been constant. That’s why so many rely on us when it comes to compressors, pneumatics, hydraulics, and anything else from our range of leading services.


FAQs about Air Compressors in Ebbw Vale

Which oil is suitable for my compressor?

For optimal efficiency and extended lifespan, it’s best to utilise the oil recommended by the compressor’s manufacturer.

For how many years do your compressors carry a warranty?

Atlas Copco provides an unparalleled service package in the compressor industry. Our all-inclusive fixed-price service package ensures both regular servicing and breakdown coverage. You have the option to extend this for the entire life of your equipment. Remarkably, we’ve had compressors under warranty for as long as 20 years!

What’s the recommended maintenance frequency for my air compressor?

The maintenance schedule can vary for air compressors, influenced by their brand, model, size, and technological specifications. Some might require a check-up every six months, while others every quarter. For specific recommendations, contact Control Gear.

Ebbw Vale and Compressed Air

Air Compressor Servicing Ebbw Vale

Our services mean we work with customers in almost every sector, and Ebbw Vale is no exception to that. Our client list reflects the diversity of businesses that exist locally. The one thing they all have in common is their need for reliable systems so their businesses can have confidence in meeting their customers’ needs.

Names we work with include GS Yuasa Battery Europe. The UK’s leading manufacturer of automotive batteries they are responsible for getting cars, commercial vehicles, and even high-performance sports vehicles going. In turn, we are responsible for ensuring their manufacturing keeps going!

We also help LCR Capacitors. A leading electrical component manufacturer, they moved to Ebbw Vale when they outgrew their original Berkshire home. Control Gear helps them ensure that their production processes are not just powered, but meet the demanding standards required for electronics. We help by maintaining their compressors and related equipment, ensuring consistent performance that is free from water or impurities that could affect quality or, worse, result in premature component failures.

But whatever the business, and whatever stage or sector they are in, they all benefit from Control Gear’s commitment to only the highest quality of customer service and dedication to ensuring the best performance from all the equipment we install or service.

Why Work With Us?

  • 50 Years Experience
  • One of the largest independent Fluid Power companies operating in the United Kingdom
  • Atlas Copco Premier Distributors
  • Diverse Market Coverage including 9 key specialisms

Ebbw Vale: From Steel Roots to Modern Industrial Estates with Control Gear

Ebbw Vale’s industrial narrative is both rich and storied, with its origins dating back to 1790 when the town witnessed the establishment of its first blast furnace. This early venture marked the beginning of a long-standing industrial legacy, with the plant notably supplying rails for the Stockton & Darlington Railway in 1829. The town’s industrial prowess continued to grow, and by 1866, one of the first steel plants was inaugurated. The early 1920s saw the Ebbw Vale Company at its zenith, employing a staggering 34,000 workers.

However, like many industrial towns, Ebbw Vale faced challenges. The 1930s brought about a sharp downturn in the steel and coal sectors. Yet, in the face of adversity, Ebbw Vale showcased its resilience, emerging as Britain’s premier tinplate producer. This illustrious chapter came to a close in 2002, marking the end of over two centuries of industrial innovation in Ebbw Vale.

Yet, the spirit of industry in Ebbw Vale remains undeterred. The town has witnessed the rise of new industrial hubs, with the Rassau Industrial Estate standing out as one of the most renowned in South Wales.

In this evolving industrial landscape, Control Gear plays a pivotal role, ensuring that businesses, both established and emerging, are equipped with the best air compressors and services, reinforcing Ebbw Vale’s position as a beacon of industrial excellence.