Neath Port Talbot Air Compressor Servicing

Since 1973, Control Gear has been a steadfast provider in the region, designing and installing energy-efficient compressed air systems, offering comprehensive service solutions for existing compressors, and delivering various related services. Despite significant changes in the world and economy over the last half-century, our commitment to quality remains unwavering.

From its humble beginnings in a small borrowed garage, Control Gear has expanded to become one of the UK’s leading fluid power specialists. Our engineers are all FGAS certified, and the company proudly holds internationally recognized ISO 9001, 14001, and 54001 accreditations, affirming our high standards across all services provided.

This enduring dedication means businesses in Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, and beyond can rely on Control Gear for parts, solutions, and expertise to keep their compressors operating at peak performance.

Compressed Air in Neath Port Talbot

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Neath Port Talbot, as the name suggests, grew around a port. Located on the Swansea Bay, there is historical evidence that it was already in use as a port, although not a busy one, by medieval times. 

In and around any port, you’ll find that air compression plays a critical role. Logistics, for example, rely on compressed air. Within a warehouse, compressed air often powers the equipment that moves things around.

It can also have specialist uses in shipping, which can be used to manage and move bulk materials that might be in powder or pellet form. And, more simply, all those vehicles need their tyres inflating!


FAQs about Air Compressors in Neath Port Talbot

Why should one consider on-site nitrogen generation?

Generating nitrogen on-site offers consistent nitrogen quality, cost-effective rates, predictable expenses without binding contracts, enhanced safety protocols, and a diminished ecological impact. Moreover, it promotes zero-waste nitrogen production and can be overseen through service contracts.

Are your services accessible all day, every day?

Yes, considering that most of our clientele operates continuously, we’re always here to support you, even beyond standard office hours.

How regularly should I set up maintenance for my air compressor?

Maintenance schedules for air compressors can differ based on their brand, model, size, and technological features. Some might require biannual inspections, while others could need them quarterly. Control Gear can provide you with exact details.

Neath Port Talbot and Compressed Air

Neath Port Talbot Air Compressor Servicing

The Tata steelworks in Neath Port Talbot remains one of the largest in Europe. Producing nearly five million tonnes of steel every year, there’s a good chance that just by looking around you will see things that contain steel that came from the plant.

Control Gear has supported Tata’s operations for many years by providing fluid power products. Although steel might be seen as a heavy industry, it still requires a high-quality compressor to ensure that impurities and imperfections are not introduced to their finished products.

Control Gear’s servicing ensures that Tata’s compressors operate at the highest standard, despite the demands a massive steelworks places on them.

Other manufacturers in the area are Sandvik Osprey, who manufacture metal powders and expansion alloys, Intertissue, who produce paper tissue, and Express Reinforcements, who are market leaders in building reinforcement products.

Despite the diverse products they manufacture, they all, like Tata, rely on Control Gear to ensure that their compressors are working at their optimal levels, and impurities, from oil to water vapour, are all filtered out. Control Gear are compression and filtration experts, so whatever your needs, we can ensure your compressors and generators are producing exactly the purity of gas your process needs.

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Neath Port Talbot: From Coal to Modern Manufacturing with Control Gear

Neath Port Talbot has been at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, particularly with its significant contributions to the coal industry in Wales. This robust infrastructure paved the way for the establishment and growth of industries such as copper smelting, tin plating, and ironworks, positioning Neath Port Talbot as a pivotal coal mining hub.

The region’s illustrious heritage can be traced back to the 16th Century when the port of Neath was developed, catalyzing the coal industry’s rapid expansion. By 1584, copper smelting was initiated at Aberdulais Tin Works, soon followed by iron smelting and corn milling. The momentum continued with the establishment of a tin plate works in 1830 and the founding of Neath Abbey Ironworks in 1792.

While the prominence of coal and iron has transitioned to steel, the Tata Steel Port Talbot Steelworks stands as a testament to the region’s enduring influence on the global manufacturing stage. Today, Neath Port Talbot continues its industrial legacy, housing a plethora of manufacturing facilities spanning steel, petrochemicals, and automotive sectors.

Integral to the success and efficiency of these industries is the role of Control Gear ensuring that businesses have access to top-tier equipment and services, optimising their operations in this ever-evolving industrial landscape.