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Control Gear is the Premier Distributor of Atlas Copco products in Newton. Our mission is to provide you with cutting-edge technology, exceptional service, and unmatched expertise to make your business more efficient. With Control Gear, you choose the best.

50 Years of Industrial Solutions and Servicing Local Businesses

Control Gear has been the go-to source for industrial solutions in the Newton area for decades, proudly serving numerous local businesses.

Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generators in Newton

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Discover the powerful capabilities and features of the Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generators we offer in Newton.

  • On-site nitrogen generation for maximum convenience
  • Energy-efficient designs to save you money in the long run
  • Advanced membrane and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology
  • Customisable purity levels to suit your specific requirements

The Best Nitrogen Generators in Newton

Unlock the benefits of your own Nitrogen Generator from Control Gear:

  • Significant cost savings compared to traditional nitrogen supply methods. On-site generation eliminates the need for expensive gas delivery services and cylinder rental fees.
  • Enhanced safety, eliminating the risk of cryogenic nitrogen storage and transportation. With on-site generation, there’s no need to worry about handling or releasing hazardous materials.
  • A continuous and reliable supply of high-purity nitrogen means increased productivity. Say goodbye to production delays and interruptions due to running out.
  • Sustainable solutions for a greener workplace. Reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional nitrogen supply methods.
  • Hassle-free maintenance and support from dedicated experts – Control Gear is a trusted provider of high-quality industrial equipment and is committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance services for all our products.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of nitrogen generator is best for my business?

An expert from Control Gear will consult with you to recommend the perfect nitrogen generator based on usage patterns, required nitrogen purity, space constraints, and other factors.

How much money will I save with an on-site nitrogen generator? 

The amount of savings will depend on your business’s specific needs. However, most customers save up to 50% on nitrogen costs when they switch to on-site generation.

What kind of maintenance and support can I expect from Control Gear?

We offer comprehensive support and maintenance plans, including routine servicing, troubleshooting, and emergency response to ensure your nitrogen generator runs smoothly.

Why Customers Choose Control Gear?

Here are five outstanding reasons to rely on Control Gear for your Nitrogen Generator needs:

  • Industry-leading technology – We offer top-of-the-line Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generators to ensure efficiency and reliability.
  • Personalised solutions – Our experts work closely with you to identify and implement the perfect Nitrogen Generator system for your needs.
  • Exceptional customer service – We pride ourselves on providing responsive, knowledgeable support.
  • Competitive pricing – Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to offering the best value for your investment.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance – Count on our expert team to keep your Nitrogen Generator in Newton operating smoothly and efficiently.

Hear What Our Newton Customers Have to Say

“The Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generator from Control Gear has allowed us to increase productivity and efficiency while saving on costs. The support and expertise provided by the Control Gear team is second to none. I highly recommend them!” – John Smith, Happy Customer

Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionise your business with a Nitrogen Generator from Control Gear. Get started today by contacting our expert team and discover the benefits of on-site nitrogen generation in Newton!

Newtown’s Evolution: From Textile Roots to a Hub of Varied Industries and Nitrogen Generation

The industrial narrative of Newtown began in the 19th century, marking its emergence as a pivotal centre for flannel production in Mid-Wales. The town witnessed a rapid industrial expansion, with over 50 factories blossoming, revolutionising its landscape. This growth introduced key facilities such as Fulling Mills, a Foundry, Tanneries, and Potteries, marking its industrial diversification.

The year 1819 was significant for Newtown, as it saw the Montgomeryshire Canal extended to the town, further enhancing its industrial capabilities and connectivity.
Transitioning into modern times, Newtown has forged a strong bond with the renowned textile design firm, Laura Ashley. Founders Laura and Bernard Ashley, drawn by the town’s charm, established a manufacturing base here, contributing to its industrial fabric.

Contrasting its idyllic rural surroundings, Newtown today is a bustling center of industrial operations. It is home to a wide range of industries, encompassing sectors like electronics, healthcare, construction, food and beverage, and general manufacturing.

A critical aspect of these industrial operations is the need for high-quality, efficient compressed air and specialised gas generation, particularly nitrogen. Control Gear, renowned for its expertise and dedication to quality, is vital in equipping these businesses with state-of-the-art compressed air and nitrogen generation technologies. This is a cornerstone of Newtown’s sustained industrial prowess.