Air Compressors Bristol & Air Compressor Servicing in Bristol

Since 1973, Control Gear has been a leading supplier of compressed air system servicing solutions in Bristol. Over the last decades, it has gained extensive experience in the air industry.

Compressed air is crucial for local industry, and large and small businesses depend on our wide range of air compressors. Whether it’s a new installation, spare parts, or full service and maintenance, we ensure the safety of numerous Bristol workshops, factories, and warehouses.

Why Choose Control Gear Air Compressors in Bristol?

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Bristol’s rich industrial heritage has made it a hub for some of Britain’s and the world’s most innovative companies, from aerospace pioneers to award-winning animators. All share a need for reliable and versatile compressed air solutions to power equipment, generate gases and maintain clean work areas.

Our bristol team of service engineers specialises in providing air compressor services that cater to all sectors. From supply and installation of custom pipework for compressed air and gas generation systems to preventative maintenance plans.

Worry-Free Servicing

Our service team will schedule site visits at convenient times to minimise downtime and provide a detailed service report after each visit, highlighting any issues that need attention.

No Hidden Costs

Our service contracts offer flexibility and fixed budgeting for maintaining compressed air systems, including our industry-leading Guardian Service plan. This plan provides fixed annual service and warranty for 7 or 9 years, covering all manufacturer spares, oils, greases, labour, and call-out costs with no hidden extras.

Custom Plans

Control Gear offer customised support plans for ad hoc servicing, spares, and oils, to meet each customer’s unique needs and running patterns. Our proactive approach guarantees the optimum efficiency of compressed air systems.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance ensures the reliability, efficiency, and longevity of compressed air equipment. Through scheduled site visits, based on your operational needs and using Genuine OEM parts, we guarantee quality and reliability, reducing the risk of unexpected failures and excessive energy consumption.

Leak Detection & Monitoring

We provide monitoring and leak detection services, including comprehensive system audits covering flow, energy consumption, air quality, pressure decay, and system leaks, along with detailed assessments, reports, and recommendations.

Compressor Monitoring & Controls

Remote monitoring, exemplified by Atlas Copco’s Smartlink system, offers in-depth analysis of compressor usage, energy efficiency, and system health, aiming to minimise downtime. It features three levels to meet customer needs and is enhanced by advanced multi-compressor control technology and ES touchscreen systems.

Trained & Certified Engineers

Every engineer on our experienced team has undergone FGAS training and certification, and Control Gear has ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 accreditation for maintaining the highest standards of customer service quality, safety and reliability.

Control Gear has the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to provide the best possible service and technical support for the unique needs of your day-to-day operations.

We understand the critical role compressed air plays across industries in Bristol and ensure customers have access to the best products, repair services, and advice.

Contact us to learn how our wide range of compressed air solutions from leading brands can enhance the efficiency and reliability of your operations in Bristol.


FAQs about Compressor Servicing in Bristol

How do I choose a good air compressor?

Selecting the appropriate air compressor hinges on your needs. For light tasks, opt for a small, portable model, while industrial tasks demand a powerful, stationary unit. Key considerations include the intended purpose, required pressure, volume (CFM or m3/m), power source, noise level, and choosing a reliable manufacturer for guaranteed efficiency and reliability.

Are air compressors expensive to run?

The operational cost of air compressors depends on their type, size, usage, and energy efficiency. Electric models are often more cost-effective for continuous use. Regular maintenance can also reduce long-term expenses. It’s best to select a model that precisely fits your needs to minimise running costs.

What’s included in air compressor maintenance?

Specific air compressor maintenance needs vary depending on the system. Standard practices involve a thorough visual examination, lubrication, modifying air dryer filters, checking blowers and gauges, oil refilling, performing thermal imaging reviews, and checking for leaks.

Bristol and Compressed Air

Air Compressor Servicing Bristol

Sales and Installation

Discover our wide range of the latest products from the largest manufacturers in the compressed air industry, including Atlas Copco, HPC, Gardner Denver, Boge, and Avelair. Whether you’re in Bristol, Gloucester, Plymouth, or anywhere in the South West region, our team will work with you to find the perfect solution and ensure a seamless installation.

Maintenance and Repair

To keep your system operating at peak efficiency, we offer comprehensive maintenance, parts, and repair services by our certified engineers. Contact us to schedule routine maintenance or urgent repair needs.

Hire and Leasing

Need an air compressor to use on a short-term basis, or prefer to lease one? We’ve got you covered with flexible hire and leasing options suitable for your business requirements.

A chance encounter between George White, of the Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company, and Wilbur Wright, the aviation pioneer, inspired the founding of the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1910. Within a few years, the company was developing planes that changed the world and established Bristol as a world centre for aviation.

Bristol is not just about aviation, though. It has become one of the UK’s hubs of science and innovation, with vibrant electronics and pharmaceutical sectors, and food and beverage manufacturers.

The versatility of compressed air means that it’s used in all these businesses, and Control Gear is proud to have helped businesses, big and small, ensure they have safe, reliable, and efficient compressors, however, they use them.

Why Work With Us?

  • 50 Years Experience
  • One of the largest independent Fluid Power companies operating in the United Kingdom
  • Atlas Copco Premier Distributors
  • Diverse Market Coverage including 9 key specialisms

Bristol's Compressed Air System Experts

Bristol, in southwest, straddling the borders of Somerset and Gloucestershire and perched on the River Avon has held its position as one of the UK’s most significant cities, both economically and culturally, for nearly eight centuries.

In today’s local business landscape, Control Gear is a trusted partner, ensuring that Bristol businesses are equipped with the best air compressors from our extensive range. Our own history in the region reinforces Bristol’s continued journey of growth, innovation, and excellence.

Need help with compressed air installation servicing or repairs? Contact us for a free no-obligation site survey. Our service engineers will be happy to help.