Air Compressor Servicing Llanelli

Control Gear boasts over fifty years of expertise in providing top-quality air compressor supply, servicing, and support. Starting as a modest two-man operation, we have evolved into one of the UK’s premier specialists in fluid power.

Yet, our core remains deeply rooted in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, diligently serving the compressed air requirements of businesses around Llanelli.

Our engineers are FGAS certified and hold internationally respected ISO 9001, 14001, and 54001 accreditations, with additional sector-specific qualifications across our extensive service range.

However, it’s our unwavering commitment to customer service that truly underpins our growth. From its inception, Control Gear has thrived on forming strong partnerships with its customers. Whether you need a single spare part, a comprehensive system design and installation, or if you need to call us for urgent support, our team is ready to ensure that you receive the utmost from your air compressor and associated equipment.

Air Compressors & Parts in Llanelli

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Although at the edge of a coal field, Llanelli’s position on the Loughnor estuary meant it soon became an economic hub, with industry springing up around the docks that were exporting Welsh coal and, eventually, becoming one of the world’s biggest centres of tinplate production.

Although many of the area’s traditional industries have declined, tinplate and steel manufacture continues in the area.

Compressed air is critical to many industrial processes; depending on the exact type of steel, several points at which compressed air can be essential. A simple use is in cooling, the same as blowing on a hot drink, compressed air can help quickly cool molten metal. It is also used for filtration, ensuring that impurities are removed from the air surrounding the molten steel, and even ensuring a constant airflow, something that’s critical in many furnaces.


FAQs about Air Compressors in Llanelli

What is meant by an air compressor monitoring system?

This system is a technological solution that facilitates remote tracking of compressors. It offers real-time insights into your machinery’s performance, enabling early detection and resolution of potential issues.

Can I reach you at any time of the day?

Indeed, given that a majority of our clients function 24/7, we’re always on standby to assist you, even outside conventional working times.

When should I arrange for my air compressor’s maintenance?

The need for maintenance can differ depending on your air compressor’s brand, model, size, and technology. While some compressors might need checks every six months, others could require them every three months. For precise information, get in touch with Control Gear.

Llanelli and Compressed Air

Air Compressor Servicing Llanelli

We are proud to work with Tata Steel in Llanelli. One of the world’s largest steel producers, we help them ensure they have significant volumes of compressed air for their operations, as well as providing many other fluid power products that they rely on.

Naturally, where steel is made, other manufacturing tends to follow. Several companies that specialise in the automotive sector are nearby, like Marelli (formerly known as the Calsonic Kansei Corporation), who have a large manufacturing centre in the area, producing everything from lights, in-car displays, to the powertrains that move electric vehicles. Gestamp also works in the automotive sector, producing structural components like the chassis, beams and frames, and closures.

There are plenty of other sectors in the area, too, like Teddington Engineered Solutions, who designs custom bellows and expansion joints, or the Huntsman, who produce a range of industrial chemicals in the area. And, to get all these products moved, are Owens Transport.

But regardless of their sector or size, what they all have in common, along with many others in the area, is that they can rely on Control Gear to keep their compressed air generators in the best working condition, so they know that — however they use compressed air — they can always rely on it.

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Llanelli's Industrial Legacy and Modern-Day Air Compressor Needs

Before 1800, coal mining was a pivotal component of the industrial landscape in Llanelli. During the copper boom, Charles Neville saw an opportunity and relocated his business to the town, subsequently founding the Llanelli Copperworks in 1805.

The industrial revolution brought forth innovative techniques to Llanelli, notably the smelting of iron ore with coke, which led to the production of superior quality metals. Consequently, Llanelli emerged as a major producer of Tinplate, providing employment to over 5,000 individuals.

In the present day, Llanelli continues its legacy in metal production, with the vast Tata Steel plant producing tinplate for packaging and fabricated steel products. Additionally, the town hosts various manufacturers catering to the automotive, food and beverage, aerospace, and pharmaceutical sectors. Central to the smooth operation of these industries is the need for clean and efficient compressed air.

Control Gear, a leader in the air compressor industry, ensures that these businesses have access to top-tier air compressors, essential for their diverse operations. Furthermore, gas generation remains a crucial requirement in specific sectors, underscoring the importance of our comprehensive services.