Air Compressor Servicing Newtown

Control Gear’s origins began years before it was established in 1973, when founder John Morris and Ron Bevan designed and installed equipment as a spare-time business. It soon became a full-time business for them, and now is one of the UK’s premier specialists in compressed air.

Control Gear now provides the full range of compressed air and related services. From complete design and installation of a new system to a full-service contract that offers round the clock, down to an occasional spare part, we have you covered.

And even though we have grown, we remain true to our founding traditions. When you use Control Gear, you aren’t just getting our expertise, you’re starting a partnership that’s as committed to getting the best out of your equipment and processes as you are.

Air Compressors in Newtown

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Newtown has strong associations with textiles. It was a centre for weaving in the 19th century, and more recently, Laura Ashley — whose founders Laura and Bernard Ashley lived nearby — established a major manufacturing centre there.

In an example of nominative determinism, Newtown was designated a New Town in 1967, which spurred further growth in the town, with the rapidly increasing population attracting more and more businesses to the area.

Newtown and the surrounding area are now home to a range of businesses. While textiles are still a part of the local economy, it now forms part of a tapestry that includes businesses from the electronics, food, healthcare, construction, and general manufacturing sectors. What they all share, as well as their location, is a need for compressed air in their operations. Whether it’s powering tools, or generating pure nitrogen for processes, Control Gear is here to help them ensure their compressors always perform.


Frequently Asked Questions

My compressor isn’t powering up. What should I do?

In case your compressor fails to start, ensure you inspect the power source, control mechanisms, and the pressure switch. If the issue remains unresolved, it’s wise to get in touch with a technician by giving us a call.

What is the warranty period for your compressors?

Atlas Copco is renowned for offering the premier service package among all compressor brands. Our distinct fixed-price service package not only takes care of standard maintenance but also any potential breakdowns. These warranties are extendable for the compressor’s full life cycle, with some even lasting 20 years!

How often is maintenance advised for my air compressor?

Depending on specifics like brand, model, size, and the technology of your air compressor, the advised maintenance intervals can differ. Some may need inspections every half-year, while others quarterly. Control Gear is available to provide more precise advice.

Newtown and Compressed Air

Air Compressor Servicing Newtown

New Town’s economic diversity can be illustrated with some of our customers there. The influence of new technology can be seen with Reeco Automation. Their range of collaborative robots offer services like palletising and packaging, whether they work around the clock or on demand, their machines can safely package the most delicate products.

And when it comes to supplying compressed air to help make those robots, they trust Control Gear. Our compressed air systems can be designed to cater for your precise needs, ensuring that you get exactly the power and purity you require, and nothing else. And our servicing can make sure your compressor — even if we didn’t install it — performs exactly as you need.

We also work with CellPath, a world-leading manufacturer of cellular pathology equipment and consumables. Their equipment is used in labs around the world to analyse tissue samples. And because the results can mean the difference between life and death, the need for quality begins with the manufacture of their equipment.

Control Gear works alongside CellPath to make sure that their compressors are efficient and effective, so they know that their manufacturing processes will meet the same exacting standards for every product they make.

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Newtown: From Flannel Foundations to Diverse Industries with Control Gear

Newtown’s industrial journey began in the early 19th Century, rapidly transforming into the heart of the flannel manufacturing industry in Mid-Wales. The town soon became a bustling hub, with over 50 factories springing to life. This industrial boom led to the establishment of Fulling Mills, a Foundery, Tanneries, and Potteries.

Enhancing its connectivity and industrial reach, 1819 saw the extension of the Montgomeryshire Canal to Newtown.

In more contemporary times, Newtown has become inextricably linked with the iconic textile design company, Laura Ashley. The founders, Laura and Bernard Ashley, chose to reside nearby and subsequently established a significant manufacturing facility in the heart of Newtown.

While its picturesque rural setting might suggest otherwise, Newtown is a hive of industrial activity. Today, it hosts a plethora of businesses spanning diverse sectors such as electronics, healthcare, construction, food and beverage, and general manufacturing.

Central to the operations of these varied industries is the need for pristine, efficient compressed air and specific gas generation requirements. Control Gear, with its expertise and commitment to quality, ensures that these businesses are equipped with the best in compressed air technology, underpinning Newtown’s continued industrial success.