Pontypool Air Compressor Servicing

Compressed air is at the heart of many businesses, from simply moving conveyors and equipment, to playing a key role in industrial processes, many companies in Pontypool and across the world simply couldn’t operate without air compressors.

Founded over 50 years ago, Control Gear quickly grew. And while its commitment to personal service has remained, it is now one of the largest fluid power specialists in the UK. Many come to us for air compressor design and installation, or ongoing servicing, but we cater for the full range of related needs, right down to a simple spare part.

If air compressors are at the heart of industry, then they are our soul. Whether it’s a new compressor we have installed, or an old machine we service, you can rest-assured that with Control Gear, you have a dependable partner that will help to keep your business moving.

Pontypool Air Compressors & Parts

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Often regarded as Wales’ first industrial town, Pontypool, like many Welsh towns, thrived with the growth of the iron and steel industry. It was particularly notable for Thomas Allgood’s ‘Japanning’ process, which gave metal plate a lacquered and decorative finish. It meant that Pontypool quickly became a leading centre for tinplate.

With the decline of the steel industry, Pontypool has seen new sectors arrive to take its place, including automotive, aviation, and pharmaceutical businesses.

Compressed air versatility means it plays a role in all these sectors. In manufacturing, for example, it is often used to power tools and move even large items along a process line as they are worked on. In the pharmaceutical industry, however, it might be used to create a high-purity air that can move powders along without contaminating them with water vapour or particulate from the air. 

But whatever the use, Control Gear can help ensure their compressors more than meet their requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to service my compressor?

The frequency for servicing your compressor is influenced by its usage duration and the conditions it operates in. Adhering to the manufacturer’s suggested service timeline is advisable.

How extensive is the warranty coverage for your compressors?

Atlas Copco boasts the industry’s top service package for compressors. Our unique fixed-price service package not only covers routine checks but also any unexpected issues. These warranties can be prolonged for the duration of the equipment’s use, with some compressors even having a 10-year warranty!

How periodically should I book maintenance sessions for my air compressor?

The maintenance frequency for air compressors can change based on various factors such as brand, model, size, and the technology incorporated. Some compressors may need checks twice a year, while others every three months. Control Gear can guide you further

Pontypool and Compressed Air

Pontypool Air Compressor Servicing

Control Gear works with some prestigious names, but it could be argued that BAE systems is one of the most important. Working across a range of defence and security arenas, BAE Systems is responsible for much of the equipment and technology that keeps our country, and many others, safe.

But there are other businesses in the area that keep us safe too. Carlisle Brakes and Friction manufacture a range of brakes and brake components. As well as parts, they also design brake systems for specific applications, meaning they aren’t just stopping vehicles on roads, but off-road, on rails, and even on runways.

Other Control Gear clients in the area include TRW Automotive, the after-market parts manufacturer, Ultrapharm Limited, bakers of gluten-free products, GOS Tools and Engineering Services, who make and convert Road Rail Vehicles, and Snow White Laundries, a domestic and commercial laundry service.

Whatever sector they work in, they all need safe and reliable compressed air, and with our installations or our servicing contracts, they know that’s precisely what they will get.

Why Work With Us?

  • 50 Years Experience
  • One of the largest independent Fluid Power companies operating in the United Kingdom
  • Atlas Copco Premier Distributors
  • Diverse Market Coverage including 9 key specialisms

Pontypool: Pioneering Industrial Innovations with Control Gear

Pontypool stands distinctively in the annals of Welsh industrial history, often celebrated as the nation’s inaugural industrial town and the pioneering center for tin-coated iron sheet production. The town’s tryst with iron smelting can be traced back to 1577, and its influence was so profound that immigrants from Pontypool are believed to have established the first forge in the United States in 1652.

By 1720, Pontypool had another feather in its cap, becoming the first town in Britain to roll out tinplate. Further enriching its industrial legacy, Thomas Allgood introduced the Pontypool Japanning process, a unique technique that treated metal plates to yield a lacquered and ornately decorative finish.

In the contemporary era, Pontypool continues to thrive as an industrial hub, housing a diverse array of manufacturers spanning sectors like glass, rubber production, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, and healthcare.

At the heart of this modern industrial landscape is Control Gear, dedicated to equipping these industries with top-tier air compressors and services, ensuring that Pontypool’s legacy of innovation and excellence remains undiminished.