Air Compressor Servicing Bridgend

Clean, efficient, and reliable compressed air is needed for nearly every manufacturing and industrial process.

Control Gear has been ensuring our customers can rely on their compressed air and fluid power products since the early 1970’s.

Air Compressors & Parts in Bridgend

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We are a premier Atlas Copco distributor, but our highly skilled team are trained to service, repair and maintain any make of compressor and associated equipment. 

We fully understand compressed air is critical to your business, and our engineers are always on hand, ready to help. We offer a comprehensive range of service packages that will cover everything from ad hoc repairs to fully inclusive total responsibility contracts.


Frequently Asked Questions

What monitoring and leak detection services does Control Gear offer?

Control Gear offers a variety of monitoring and leak detection services, tailored to the customers’ requirements. They can provide a full system audit to include flow check, energy consumption, air quality check, pressure decay check, and system leak detection.

Does Control Gear offer installation services for air compressors?

Yes, Control Gear has a dedicated installation team that can provide a professional turnkey package for all compressed air and ancillary equipment. We can install pipework from generation to the point of use together with full commissioning & testing.

What is Control Gear’s approach to preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is fundamental to Control Gear’s service philosophy. We undertake planned site visits at pre-determined intervals which suit the requirements of your operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, using Genuine OEM spares and service kits.

Bridgend and Compressed Air

Air Compressors and Servicing in Bridgend
In Bridgend, Wales, a wide array of industries rely on the power of compressed air to drive their operations. Control Gear is proud to serve these diverse sectors, providing top-tier air compressor services to ensure their processes run smoothly and efficiently.
From general machinery to electronics, food and beverage to pharmaceuticals, and even furniture manufacturing, our services are integral to their daily operations.
Companies such as Sony, Ford, Rockwool Insulation, Invacare, G E Healthcare, Airborne Systems, and SAS International, all based in Bridgend, represent the breadth of industries we serve.

Our services extend beyond just the large corporations. We are equally dedicated to serving smaller businesses, recognising that the requirement for reliable and efficient compressed air is a universal need, irrespective of the size of the operation.

Be it businesses involved in sectors that heavily rely on air compressor services, those in the automotive industry, or even those in furniture manufacturing, our commitment to providing top-tier service remains unwavering.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all businesses in Bridgend, no matter their industry, have access to the high-quality air compressor services they need for their operations to run seamlessly.

Why Work With Us?

  • 50 Years Experience
  • One of the largest independent Fluid Power companies operating in the United Kingdom
  • Atlas Copco Premier Distributors
  • Diverse Market Coverage including 9 key specialisms

Air Compressors in Bridgend

It is hard to believe today that until the Industrial Revolution, Bridgend was just a tiny agricultural area straddling the River Ogmore. The Industrial Revolution however brought prosperity and a good communication system as the mining valleys of Ogmore and Llynfi sent their coal down by small railways to meet the main Brunel line. In 1923 the first bus station in Wales was opened at Bridgend. 

Since the second World War, Bridgend has changed considerably and now has an ever-growing industrial complex. Huge companies such as Sony and Ford moved to the area and today Bridgend is regarded by many as one of the premier business and industrial locations in South Wales.

A wide range of industrial sectors include general machinery, electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and furniture manufacture.