Air Compressor Servicing Carmarthen

Control Gear was established in 1973 after founders John Morris and Ron Bevan realised that their spare-time business designing and building custom machines for customers needed their full-time commitment.

Their legacy continues, and more than 50 years later, Control Gear is still providing the same level of personal, customised service today as they did when it was just John and Ron.

Now one of the UK’s largest fluid power companies, Control Gear works in every and any sector that uses compressed air and has gained the skills and experience that make them a trusted partner for all their clients. From a simple spare part to the complete design and installation of a state-of-the-art air compressor, we have an unceasing commitment to ensuring you have clean, efficient, and dependable compressed air.

Air Compressors Carmarthen & Parts

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Possibly Wales’ oldest town, Carmarthen’s long history has seen it grow from an agricultural centre, into an industrial heartland during the 19th century, and it is now taking steps into new economic markets.

Agriculture remains the most important sector of the Carmarthenshire economy, with the pastures in the area supporting the herds of sheep and cattle. It is even, surprisingly, a leading producer of mozzarella! Compressed air is vital to food and beverage processing, and is used throughout the industry, from preparing ingredients, to cleaning work surfaces, and packaging, all helping to ensure food reaches customers in the best possible condition.

Our service team of FGAS-certified engineers help in that process, ensuring that our clients’ equipment always meets the rigorous standards required within the food sector. Our service plans can cover all your needs, working around your production and manufacturing schedules to ensure that your business’s efficiency is never compromised by your air compressor.


FAQs about Air Compressors in Carmarthen

Can you list the primary air compressor varieties?

The predominant air compressor categories include reciprocating, rotary screw, and rotary vane compressors. Each kind has its unique benefits and is tailored for distinct uses. For instance, reciprocating compressors are ideal for sporadic, smaller tasks, whereas rotary screw and vane compressors cater to continuous, larger operations.

How frequently should I schedule maintenance for my air compressor?

The maintenance intervals for air compressors can vary based on factors like the brand, model, technology, and size. Some might need check-ups biannually, while others might require evaluations every quarter.

What encompasses air compressor service?

Air compressor service can have varied components, depending on the systems established. Routine operations consist of: A detailed visual survey, applying lubrication, changing air dryer filters, managing blowers and gauges, oil renewal, thermal imaging inspections, and vapor leak evaluations.

Carmarthen and Compressed Air

Air Compressor Servicing Carmarthen

We’re proud to work with some of Carmarthen’s best companies. Reflecting the area, many of our clients come from a range of sectors. Some, like Castell Howell Foods — Wales’ leading independent food service wholesaler — trust us to provide the high-purity compressed air needed to work with food and generate nitrogen to flush packaging.

And it’s not just humans we help feed, we help Cowindale Feeds to make sure that animals are fed, too!

Others, like the Pontrilas Group, need powerful and reliable air compressors to drive their equipment, ensuring their pallets and packaging get out to their customers on time. One of the biggest industrial uses of compressed air is driving equipment. From moving things along a conveyor to keeping power tools running, it’s critical that the air compressor is reliable, whether it’s for a constantly running conveyor line or an on-demand tool.

We are also proud to work with some of the region’s cutting-edge companies, like The Magstim Company, a supplier of transcranial magnetic stimulation devices. A relatively new form of treatment, researchers have found the technique can be effective in treating a range of mental health and neurological conditions.

Whether it’s putting food on your table or medical innovation, we’re proud to be able to help these companies, flourish and grow.

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  • One of the largest independent Fluid Power companies operating in the United Kingdom
  • Atlas Copco Premier Distributors
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From Industrial Might to Natural Delight: The Evolution of South East Carmarthenshire

Tinplate, Steel, and Coal flourished during the second half of the 19th Century, with air compressors playing a pivotal role in their operations. South East Carmarthenshire became a highly industrialised region, and Control Gear was at the forefront of servicing and installing these essential air compressors.

Due to significant competition and location, however, all these industries faced challenges. Prior to the industrial revolution, Carmarthen was one of the most populous towns in Wales. Today, Agriculture, Forestry, and Tourism are the main employment sectors in the area, but the legacy of air compressors and their impact on the region’s industrial growth remains evident.