Air Compressor Servicing Pembroke

Compressed air is a feature in almost every industry, but what is remarkable are the vast array of uses to which it is put.

From delicate operations in food processing, to the heat of forging metal, making delicate electrical and engineering processes possible, to simply moving conveyors, there are many industries that would be hard to imagine without compressed air.

Control Gear have been serving Pembroke’s compressed air needs since they were founded in 1973, and since then, have grown to become one of the national leaders in fluid power systems.

Our services range from simple spare parts to design and installation. And we also offer a full range of servicing options to meet your needs, whether it’s just for ad hoc maintenance, or round-the-clock call-out, making Control Gear your first call for air compression.

Air Compressors & Parts in Pembroke

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The impressive Pembroke Castle attests both to the history and the importance of Pembrokeshire. Well into the twentieth century, the area was host to a naval dockyard and an RAF base. Although they have now left, the infrastructure and industry that sprang up around them continues to support the local economy.

Pembrokeshire’s industrial businesses still reflect that military legacy, with the maritime and aviation sector both well represented. But other businesses have also established in the area.

They all share a need for efficient compressed air to support their processes. Frequently this is to power tools and equipment, but for those working with chemical processes, purity is paramount. Compressors can be customised to produce exactly the purity they require, ensuring they avoid the waste of spoilage, while other customers don’t have to pay for purity levels they don’t need.


FAQs about Air Compressors in Pembroke

What characterises a VSD air compressor?

VSD air compressors can modify their motor’s speed to align with the air requirement, leading to considerable energy conservation when compared to their fixed-speed counterparts. They are especially advantageous for tasks with fluctuating air needs.

What does air compressor servicing entail?

Air compressor servicing can be multifaceted, contingent on the systems in place. Standard maintenance procedures encompass: A thorough visual check, lubrication, replacing air dryer filters, employing blowers and gauges, changing the oil, conducting thermal imaging inspections, and performing vapor leak tests.

How often should I plan maintenance for my air compressor?

Depending on the brand, model, technology, and size of your air compressor, the maintenance frequency can differ. Some may need a biannual review, while others might need quarterly checks. Reach out to Control Gear for specific guidance.

Pembroke and Compressed Air

Air Compressor Servicing Pembroke

Oil has long been a major employer in Pembroke, and we are proud to work with Valero Energy. Pembroke is their only refinery outside North America and produces over a quarter of a million barrels of oil a day.

Even though there is a lot of news about moving away for oil use, it remains an essential, not just as fuel but as a component in thousands of everyday items, from clothing to electronics. Control Gear’s compressors and servicing help make sure that Valero’s refinery can operate at full efficiency and supply the oil that the world still needs.

We also work at the RWE power station. A gas-fired station, it is one of the most efficient in Europe, producing less than half the CO of a coal-fired plant. But our work in the area is not just with oil and gas.

Puffin Products are another of our clients. Growers and suppliers of fresh produce, including Pembrokeshire Earlies, Welsh Daffodils, and the national symbol, the leek.

 Compressed air is used throughout the food processing industry, but one of its most important uses is in cleaning, ensuring that you get wholesome food, not a muddy field, on your supermarket shelf or in your home delivery. And all without damaging the food itself.

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Pembroke's Industrial Evolution and Modern-Day Services

Pembroke is one of the oldest towns in Wales, dating back to the Norman conquest of 1093 when Arnulf de Montgomery overcame local resistance to build a wooden fortification where Pembroke Castle now stands. Pembroke’s industrial heritage really begins in 1814 when the Royal Dockyard was transferred across the river to Pembroke Dock and a new town grew up around it.

Royal Navy ships were commissioned and built there for over 100 years with the last being completed in 1922. For over 150 years Pembroke Dock was a military town and home to all three Armed Services. Today, traditional and newer industries operate in the Dockyard and elsewhere around Pembroke.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s the oil industry became a major source of employment in Pembrokeshire with the Esso, Texaco, Gulf, and Amoco refineries. Today there is just one major refinery run by Valero Energy. Whilst Pembrokeshire is well known for tourism and its large oil refinery, many other sectors operate in the area including food and beverage, media and communications, pharmaceutical, and life sciences.