Air Compressor Servicing Swindon

Since it was established in 1973, Control Gear has always put the customer at the centre of everything we do. Although we have grown to become one of the UK’s leading experts in air compression, we know that is only because our customers rely on us as their trusted partners.

However, that growth means that, whatever your fluid power needs, Control Gear is here to meet them. Whether it’s just a spare part from our wide range of on-site stock, or a 24-hour-a-day servicing contract, Control Gear can provide you with the support you require.

Our team is among the most experienced in the country, each engineer is FGAS-certified, and collectively we have been awarded ISO 9001, 15001, and 54001 accreditations. With Control Gear, you can be confident your air compressor is in safe hands.

Air Compressors & Parts for Swindon

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Swindon has grown to become one of the UK’s economic hubs. Attracted by a mix of the picturesque area, sizeable population, and excellent transport links, it has become the home to head offices for everything from the UK Space Agency to the National Trust.

Alongside that, it has become a centre for industry, with manufacturers large and small choosing it as a base for their operations. The car you drive or the chip in your computer may well have begun its life at a factory in Swindon.

But whatever the industry, compressed air is essential. And when many factories work around the clock, often with largely automated processes, that compressed air supply needs to be reliable. Control Gear offers a complete range of service options that can match your needs. Whether it’s occasional callouts for faults, or full servicing contracts with 24-hour call-out, if you depend on your compressor, you can depend on Control Gear.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it crucial to detect compressed air leaks?

Leaks in compressed air can escalate energy expenses since the compressor must exert more to sustain the set pressure. Hence, routinely identifying and mending leaks can lead to significant energy and monetary savings.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

Absolutely, as many of our clients run their operations around the clock, we ensure we’re available whenever you might need us, even beyond regular business hours.

What activities are part of air compressor upkeep?

Air compressor upkeep can be complex, depending on the systems adopted. Regular interventions include: A thorough visual analysis, lubricant application, updating the air dryer filters, activating blowers and gauges, replenishing the oil, executing thermal imaging probes, and vapor leak verifications.

Swindon and Compressed Air

Air Compressor Servicing Swindon

Swindon’s status as an HQ destination means that many recognise it more from the return address on the back of envelopes. However, while financial services may not make much use of compressed air (although their automated mailing systems do), there are still plenty of companies that Control Gear work with in Swindon.

Arkell’s Brewery is not just the local brewer, it’s also Swindon’s oldest business. A pub owner as well as a brewer, compressed air plays a major part in their logistics, helping to keep their brewery moving as the ingredients move through the fermentation and brewing process.

But whether it’s used to post letters, or brew beer, compressed air can be a vital part of any process. It’s important that air compressors are correctly calibrated, and their performance accurately monitored. Depending on the use, too much or too little pressure can have devastating consequences. And in sectors where purity is important, it’s vital to ensure that filters and membranes are working effectively.

Control Gear offers a range of service options to ensure that you get exactly what you require from your compressor. So, you know that your equipment is getting a regular health check and replacement parts to keep it performing exactly as you need.

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Swindon: From Agricultural Roots to Technological Heights with Control Gear

Swindon, historically rooted in agriculture and livestock, has witnessed a transformative journey over the centuries. The town’s economic trajectory began its upward climb with the exploitation of Purbeck Stone quarries in the 17th and 18th Centuries. This growth was further accelerated by infrastructural developments like the Wiltshire and Berkshire Canal and, subsequently, The Great Western Railway in the 19th Century.

The 1950s marked another significant chapter in Swindon’s industrial story with the establishment of the Pressed Steel Fisher plant, signaling the town’s foray into car manufacturing. This legacy continues today, with the plant now under the ownership of BMW, producing parts for the iconic new Mini.

In the contemporary era, Swindon has evolved into a bustling regional center, attracting a plethora of businesses. The town is now a hotspot for multinational technological and pharmaceutical companies, showcasing its adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

Amidst this dynamic economic landscape, Control Gear stands as a trusted ally. We ensure that businesses, from automotive giants to cutting-edge tech firms, are equipped with the best air compressors and services, reinforcing Swindon’s reputation as a hub of innovation and industrial excellence.