Air Compressor Servicing Welshpool

Founded in 1973, Control Gear’s legacy goes back even further, when its founders ran a small, spare-time business making custom machines. Their business grew so much that, unable to meet demand, they made it their full-time job and founded Control Gear.

That initial growth was based not just on their expertise in engineering and compressed air, but in the commitment they showed to their customers. And, although a lot has changed in the past fifty years, and Control Gear is now one of the UK’s largest fluid power experts, that commitment to customers remains.

We know how important compressed air is to industry. So, whatever your air compressor is used for, we are here to make sure it’s works safely and efficiently. From spare parts to complete installations, Control Gear are your air compressor specialists.

Air Compressors in Welshpool

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A market town, Welshpool is closely linked with the agricultural sector, and it hosts Europe’s largest one-day sheep market at the Smithfield Livestock Market. Its agricultural connections have attracted food production facilities nearby.

Compressed air is one of the most useful tools in food production. Used, as in many places, to power tools and equipment, its versatility means it can be put to a wide range of other uses in food production. Used for everything from cleaning to packaging, compressed air can even be used as a blade, cutting food without the hygiene and safety risks of a blade.

However, purity is vital to food production. Whether it’s compressed air or generating nitrogen, impurities in the air, even water vapour, can cause spoilage and worse. We’re experts in filtration, and whether it’s installing a new compressor or servicing an existing one, can give you the assurance you need that your compressor meets the demanding standards of food production.


Frequently Asked Questions

What steps should I take to diagnose issues with my air compressor?

Begin by examining the power source and confirming the compressor’s connection. If it doesn’t start, potential culprits could be a malfunctioning pressure switch, motor, or starter. If pressure isn’t building, inspect for leaks or a degraded pump. For detailed guidance, refer to the compressor’s instruction manual or seek expert advice.

At what pressure should I operate my air compressor?

The optimal pressure for your air compressor largely depends on the tools you’re using. While there’s no universally correct pressure, most compressors function between 90 to 115 psi out of the box. However, the actual operational area might only necessitate 65 to 70 psi.

What is involved in air compressor maintenance?

Air compressor maintenance might vary based on the specific systems used. Common tasks include: A detailed visual inspection, oiling parts, changing air dryer filters, using blowers and gauges, oil replacement, thermal imaging checks, and vapor leak examinations.

Welshpool and Compressed Air

Air Compressor Servicing Welshpool

Many of Welshpool’s vibrant businesses community turn to Control Gear for their compressed air. Some of our clients include Wipak, Invertek, and Dynacast.

Wipak are specialists in packaging for medical and food products. An area that shows how useful compressed air can be. Although compressed air is often associated with heavier industrial processes, it can be used for quite delicate operations, such as manipulating individual pieces of packaging. As well as avoiding damaging the packaging, it can ensure it remains pristine.

Control Gear has been serving the region’s industry, regardless of sector, for more than fifty years. Throughout, we have had a commitment to meeting the highest levels of customer service.

And in that time, Control Gear has worked with air compressors that are being put to every conceivable use, so our FGAS-certified engineers have the skills and knowledge to maintain any air compressor.

Our servicing contracts will ensure that your compressor receives its routine servicing, and we always give your compressor a thorough health check, so you can always be confident that it’s operating within the exact parameters your processes need.

Why Work With Us?

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Welshpool: Agricultural Heart with Diverse Industrial Pulse and Control Gear's Expertise

Welshpool, nestled in Powys, stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of traditional market town charm and modern industrial vigor. At its core, the town’s economy is deeply rooted in agriculture, with the Smithfield Livestock Market standing as a beacon of this heritage. Notably, this market has earned the distinction of being the largest one-day sheep market across Europe.

Yet, Welshpool’s identity isn’t solely agricultural. The town’s industrial estates are a hive of activity, housing a myriad of small industries. From metalwork to food production, these estates showcase the town’s versatility and adaptability in the face of changing economic landscapes.

In this diverse industrial setting, Control Gear plays an indispensable role. By providing top-tier air compressors and services, we ensure that every business, regardless of its size or sector, operates at its peak efficiency, further solidifying Welshpool’s position as a dynamic economic hub in Powys.