Cwmbran Air Compressor Servicing

Established as one of the UK’s post-war New Towns, Cwmbran has become one of Wales’ key industrial areas and, naturally, one of the areas that Control Gear proudly serves.

Control Gear have been keeping businesses and industry throughout the region running since the 1970s. Compressed air is critical to many processes, and without it many businesses would find their work either impossible or much more difficult and expensive.

Our expert engineers are all fully trained, each one is FGAS certified, and are here to make sure that however you use compressed air, you will always have a reliable supply.

Although the region, and technology, has changed since we were founded in 1973, Control Gear’s commitment to its customers has remained consistent. Whether it’s just a spare part or a full-service maintenance plan, we are here so you don’t have to worry about your compressed air.

Air Compressors & Parts in Cwmbran

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Although formally founded in 1949, Cwmbran has a rich industrial legacy that is linked to the nearby coal mines. But the creation of the New Town, and the influx of population that came with it, helped support its post-war industrial growth.

Like any coal-mining area, the local economy has transformed with the decline in demand for coal. Now boasting a diverse mix of sectors, they are all united in their need for safe and reliable air compression.

Control Gear can provide any business with a service plan that meets their needs. We can provide regular servicing to keep everything in good condition, all the way up to offering 24-hour callout services to make sure you can always keep running and serving your customers.

And if you are just starting, or looking to upgrade, our team can design a custom installation that meets your needs. We have grown to be one of the UK’s leaders is air compression and have the experience to support you whatever your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure my compressor’s longevity?

The key to a long-lasting compressor is consistent upkeep by certified technicians. This encompasses routine changes of oil and filters, along with inspecting and cleaning the air filters and coolers.

What’s the duration of the warranty for your compressors?

Atlas Copco stands out with the most comprehensive service package among compressor manufacturers. Our fixed-price service package encompasses regular maintenance and also addresses any malfunctions. You can extend these warranties for the equipment’s entire lifespan. In fact, some of our compressors have maintained their warranty for two decades!

At what intervals should I organize maintenance for my air compressor?

The frequency of maintenance for air compressors can be influenced by aspects like its brand, model, size, and the technology it uses. Some might need evaluations every six months, while others every three months. Consult with Control Gear for clarity.

Cwmbran and Compressed Air

Cwmbran Air Compressor Servicing

Cwmbran’s best-known employer is Burton’s Foods. Employing over 1,000 people, its Cwmbran factory produces the Wagon Wheels that have been filling lunchboxes since the 1940s, and provoking arguments about whether they are getting smaller for almost as long.

Another major employer is Safran Seats Great Britain. Although less of a household name, hundreds of thousands of people will have spent hours relaxing, fidgeting, and sometimes even snoozing in the seats they make for aircraft.

Other major local businesses include Honeywell Control, Just Rollers, and Hempel Paints. Despite the diverse nature of their operations, they will all have air compressors, reflecting both the versatility and importance of a good, reliable air compressor.

However, compressed air is not just for big names. We provide and service compressors for any size of business. Whether it’s on-demand usage to power tools or consistent compression to move conveyor belts or supply gas, we are specialists in compressed air.

Whatever the use, Control Gear can provide you with the compressor and servicing that will meet your needs today and grow with you to make sure that it meets your needs for the future, too.

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Cwmbran's Industrial Tapestry and Control Gear's Modern Role

Cwmbran, though officially founded as a new town in 1949, boasts a rich historical tapestry that stretches back centuries. The 18th Century saw the Blewitt family emerge as pivotal figures in the industrialisation of Cwmbran. It was during this era that the foundations for brick making, lime kilns, iron ore mining, quarrying, and coal mining were laid.

To facilitate the efficient transportation of these goods, a canal was constructed, linking Cwmbran to the bustling docks at Newport. The subsequent 19th and 20th Centuries witnessed Cwmbran at the heart of intense industrial development. This growth spurred the creation of the Monmouthshire Canal and the Newport and Pontypool railway, further enhancing the area’s connectivity and industrial prowess.

While much of this rich industrial heritage has faded with time, the locations of these historical landmarks have given rise to modern light industrial estates. In this contemporary landscape, Control Gear plays a pivotal role, ensuring that businesses, both old and new, have access to the best air compressor equipment and services, bridging the gap between Cwmbran’s storied past and its promising future.