Hereford Air Compressor Servicing

Control Gear started life as a side-business. Founders John Morris and Ron Bevan worked in a borrowed garage, manufacturing custom machines for their clients. However, it quickly became apparent that their spare-time business should be their full-time jobs, and in 1973 they formally established Control Gear.

In the decades that have passed, Control Gear has remained true to its roots, offering an individualised service with the customer at its heart, but we have also grown. Now one of the nation’s largest compressed air and fluid power specialists, Control Gear’s team of fully qualified engineers work with businesses across the region. 

From spare parts to a complete design and installation, ad hoc repairs to ongoing, round-the-clock service cover, Control Gear is the partner you can rely on to keep your processes — and your business — running reliably.

Hereford Air Compressors & Parts

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A cathedral city and Herefordshire’s county town, Hereford became a natural focal point for the surrounding agricultural areas. As a result, the area supports a vibrant food sector.

Control Gear can provide both compressors and services that meet the need of food producers. Many do not realise that normal air contains numerous impurities, whether natural or pollution particulates, as well as water vapour that can cause food to spoil prematurely.

We provide high-quality filters and equipment and can back that up with expert servicing to ensure that when used with food, whether processing with compressed air or using it to generate nitrogen, it’s as pure as possible.

By ensuring that our equipment meets only the highest standards, our customers, in every sector, rest assured knowing that they can safely work to the highest standards as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean by compressor connectivity?

This term denotes a compressor’s capability to link to a network, enabling distant observation and management. This connection can be established using technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular connections. Such connectivity can enhance performance, minimize operational halts, and support proactive maintenance.

What steps should I take if my compressor gets too hot?

When your compressor exhibits signs of overheating, verify its ventilation, clean its coolers, and confirm it’s not being overburdened. If these measures don’t rectify the situation, seeking a technician’s assistance is recommended.

What tasks are included in air compressor servicing?

Depending on the systems utilised, air compressor servicing can have several components. Routine care involves: A comprehensive visual assessment, lubricating, switching out air dryer filters, operating blowers and gauges, oil changes, thermal scans, and testing for vapor leaks.

Hereford and Compressed Air

Hereford Air Compressor Servicing

Herefordshire has a strong association with cider, and the area is famous for the orchards that surround the city. Indeed, one of our best-known clients is Bulmer’s Cider, who still produce more than half the cider consumed in the UK at their Hereford operation.

Food production is an area that shows the versatility of compressed air. As well as keeping production lines moving, compressed air can be used to peel and slice products, reducing the risk of contamination from blades, keep work areas clean, and flush containers — with air or nitrogen — and handle even delicate packaging.

We also work with some of the region’s premier engineers. This also shows the diverse range of applications for fluid power. Wye Valley Precision Engineering, for example, specialises in rubber, compression, and injection moulding, making components for every use, including aviation, rail, and automotive.

Meanwhile, Special Metals Wiggin produces speciality nickel alloys. Their eventual use as a critical component in sectors like aviation and nuclear power means their production processes have little tolerance for impurities.

But whether it’s producing the purest nitrogen for engineering, or simply keeping a conveyor moving, Control Gear’s engineers are dedicated to ensuring that every client, whether it’s just for a spare part or a full installation, gets the very best they can.

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Herefordshire: From Orchard Roots to Modern Engineering with Control Gear

Herefordshire, often lovingly dubbed the ‘Orchard of England’, has a rich history steeped in cider production, a reputation it had firmly established by the early 18th Century. Beyond its orchards, the county also dabbled in manufacturing, with gloves emerging as a standout product, especially in the town of Hereford.

The landscape was dotted with Corn and Fulling Mills, and there was a budding glass manufacturing sector. A thriving timber trade took root, and while there were attempts at iron production, it remained limited due to the county’s challenging transport links with the broader nation.

Historically, Herefordshire’s heart has always pulsed with agricultural rhythms, and it was somewhat reticent in embracing the rapid industrial developments seen elsewhere. However, the modern era has witnessed a shift. The county has diversified, embracing sectors like food processing, brewing, furniture crafting, and metalworking.

A significant leap forward came in 2009 with the inception of the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering, aiming to mold the next generation of engineers.

In this evolving tapestry of old and new, Control Gear stands as a beacon of modernity and efficiency. We ensure that businesses, from traditional cider houses to cutting-edge engineering institutes, have access to the best air compressors and services, propelling Herefordshire into a future that respects its past while embracing innovation.