Choosing the Best Air Compressor Monitoring System

Choosing the Best Air Compressor Monitoring System

In the realm of industrial efficiency, compressed air systems play a pivotal role. Maintaining their peak performance is paramount, and this is where air compressor monitoring systems step in. These systems provide critical insight into your setup’s performance, from remote and onsite monitoring to intelligent data management.

This article offers a comprehensive exploration of air compressor monitoring systems – their integral components, significant benefits, and the advanced features of modern systems. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, our guide will equip you with the knowledge to manage your compressed air system optimally.

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Air Compressor Monitoring Systems – What Are They?

A compressed air system is a valuable asset in many industries, but being able to keep an eye on it and how well it is working is essential when you want to get the best from your system.

The great thing about air compressor monitoring systems is that you can enjoy onsite and remote monitoring, allowing you always to know how things are working, even when you aren’t there in person.

By choosing an air compressor monitoring system, you can manage data traffic in a way that allows you to fully optimise the performance of your system while helping you to achieve efficiency in energy consumption and emissions.

If you think an air compressor monitoring system could offer what you need, then you’ll probably want to know how they work.

The monitoring system is designed to measure the number of pollutants in the air near the compressed air system and then report it back to the central controller that provides data analysis for you to use, giving you the greatest level of insight into your system.

The key components of an air compressor monitoring system include:

  • Compressed air system data points logger
  • Compressed air equipment temperature sensor
  • Energy consumption meter
  • Flow meters for air consumption monitor
  • Dew point meter for air quality monitoring
  • Air compressor system sensor for discharge air
  • Remote monitoring for real-time data access

Benefits of An Air Compressor Monitoring System

If you aren’t sure whether you need in-person and remote monitoring for your air compressor control system, then it’s a good idea to get to grips with the range of benefits on offer.

The following information covers some of the most distinct benefits of air compressor monitor:


Monitor your compressor room with real-time data and make adjustments when needed, which will help to reduce high energy prices and keep you in the loop at all times.


Get a good understanding of your air compressor system and any faults or maintenance needs that may arise before letting Control Gear help you find the right solution.


Improved energy efficiency in terms of power consumption and lower cost incurred when running multiple compressors in your air compressor system.

Remote Monitoring

The ability to be ‘physically present’ from a remote location, ensuring better reliability, increased uptime and high reliability.

Data Source

Access to compressor data that will inform you on maximising efficiency, major problems and how to keep everything running smoothly.

Key Features of Modern Air Compressor Monitoring Systems

Finding the right control systems for compressor performance monitoring is well worth your time, especially when you choose a modern system that has the most up-to-date features and technologies.

Some of the features you should be looking out for include:

  • Data collection and analysis of all air compressors
  • Fault pre-alarming and predictive maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance scheduling
  • Online monitoring and mobile app support
  • Secure, web-based management

With each of these features, you can look forward to preventive maintenance of your air compressors and a simple yet effective way to monitor your equipment operation whenever it suits you!

Parameters Monitored by Air Compressor Monitoring Systems

Still not convinced that an Atlas Copco air compressor monitor for your air compressor room is a good idea?

Check out the range of parameters it can monitor to help you get the feedback you need on all of your compressors:

  • Energy consumed by your air compressors at all times
  • Load and unload duration of all air compressors
  • On/Off time to understand usage levels
  • Pressure of the tank at all times
  • Power consumption and consumption peak points
  • Temperature and humidity from a central controller
  • Frequency of equipment use
  • Current and voltage of different loads
  • Running hours of air compressors
  • Air intake filter overview
  • Motor & fan current and speed
  • Compressor usage flowrate

Having access to equipment that can provide this level of detail and support will provide greater efficiency and ensure that you have the control solutions you need to ensure that your air compressors are offering optimal performance at all times.

Choosing the Right Air Compressor Monitoring System

With so much to offer, it’s obvious that an air compressor monitoring system could be the solution you’ve been searching for! With that in mind, what factors do you need to consider when choosing a monitoring system?

Firstly, you need to decide which features your new system will offer. There are permanent monitoring systems that will work to provide a solid baseline that can be used to identify the right corrective actions in things such as control systems, storage changes, carbon emissions and more.

All these features will need to be compatible with your current air compressors, cloud-based system and local area network so that you can get the information you need whenever you need it and enjoy being able to save your data to the cloud platform.

It’s also important to find the right partner when choosing new equipment for industrial plants. At Control Gear, we provide a number of different options to choose from, equipment brands such as Atlas Copco and also offer after-sales maintenance and support for the lifetime of your new equipment so that you can reduce costs and improve efficiency.


It’s clear that not only does an air compressor monitor provide peace and security when you are away from your system, but it also offers a significant number of features and supports that can help you to save money, provide data, increase safety and improve your knowledge of your air compressors.

If you are ready to improve the efficiency of your compressors then choosing the right air compressor monitoring system is the perfect way to stay in control.

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